Constant Zero

This site is dedicated to my1 understanding of the natural universe around me. The name Constant Zero comes from the fact that there is no such thing as zero, and that the more I learn there is constantly another thing to learn, therefore I am back to zero.

This site will act as a journal of my understandings, and a place for me to store information that potentially could be useful for others.


Quantum Physics.



Friendly Numbers

In number theory, friendly numbers are two or more natural numbers with a common abundancy index, the ratio between the sum of divisors of a number and the number itself. Two numbers with the same abundancy form a friendly pair; n numbers with the same abundancy form a friendly n-tuple.

One of the current unsolved mathematical problems are 'Is 10 a solitary number?' This section will expand to include my understanding of this problem. The objective is to gain a deeper comprehension of mathematics and its application.

  1. I have a background in computer science. I've always been terrible at maths (Failed every single maths exam), and often read about physicists coming into CompSci, but never the other way around. I guess because computer science is a relatively new science... and well Physics is pretty old. You can find out more about me on my personal site.

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